The Fairchild FJP13009 (equivalent to commonly used MJE13009 from ON-Semiconductor) is high-voltage capable (Collector-Base Voltage, VCBO up to 700 Volt, Collector-Emitter Voltage VCEO up to 400V), high current (Collector Current IC up to 12 Ampere) NPN silicon epitaxial plannar transistor. It is designed for high speed switching applications which utilizes the industry standard TO-220AB package offering flexibility in design and excellent power dissipation (at 25°C, Total Device Dissipation PD = 100W). Turn-on time tON ≤ 1.1µs, storage time tSTG ≤ 3µs, fall time tF ≤ 0.7µs.

The FJP13009-H2TU (the affix "-H2" is code for specific gain classification in range of 15 ≤ hFE ≤ 28 at VCE=5V, IC=5A). The suffix "-TU" means the tube packing method.