IKW40T120 is IGBT from infineon developed in TrenchStop® and Fieldstop technology with soft, fast recovery anti-parallel Emitter Controlled HE diode. It's mainly designed for frequency converter, uninterrupted power supply, and highly recommended to be used as induction cooker. TrenchStop® and Fieldstrop technology for 1200 V applications offers very tight parameter distribution, high ruggedness, and temperature stable behavior. NPT technology offers easy parallel switchihng capability tue to positive temperature coefficient in VCE(sat). Total power disippation (at TC=25°C) Ptot = 270 Watt.

Features & Key Parameters:
  • Collector-emitter voltage (VCE) up to 1200 Volt
  • DC Collector current (IC) and Diode forward voltage (IF) up to 40A at TC=100°C (75/80A at 25°C)
  • Pulsed collector current (tp limited by Tjmax) IC(pulse) up to 105 A Gate-emitter voltage VGE up to ±20V
  • Short circuit withstand time — 10µs
  • Low EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)
  • Low Gate Charge
  • Very soft, fast recovery anti-parallel Emitter Controlled HE diode
  • Qualified according to JEDEC J-STD-020 and JESD-022 for target application
  • Available in PG-TO0247-3 packaging; Pb-free lead plating; RoHS compliant