The LH21256 is a 262,144 word 1 bit dynamic RAM fabricated using N-channel 2-layer polysilicon gate process technology. With mulitiplexed address inputs and standard 16-pin DIP/ZIP packages, it is easy to comprise memory systems with high speed, low power consumption and large memory capacity. The LH21256 operates on a single +5 V power supply. The built-in high output substrate bias generator circuit eliminates sensitivity to undershoot on the input signals.

LH21256-12 Features

  • 262,144 1 bit organization
  • Access times ≤ 120 ns
  • Cycle times ≥ 230 ns
  • Page mode operation
  • Single power supply of +5 VDC 10%
  • Operating power consumption ≤ 440 mW, 27.5mW on standby mode
  • TTL compatible I/O
  • Built-in gated CAS function
  • Separate I/O allows Early-Write action
  • Available for read modify write, RAS only refresh, hidden refresh, CAS before RAS refresh
  • 256 refresh cycle (refreshing time 4 ms)
  • Built-in high output bias generator circuit
  • Packagesd in 16-pin, 300-mil DIP