The LM321 (SMD single version of LM324) brings performance and economy to low power systems. With a high unity gain frequency and a guaranteed 0.4V/Ás slew rate, the quiescent current is only 430µA/amplifier (5V). The input common mode range includes ground and therefore the device is able to operate in single supply applications as well as in dual supply applications.

The LM321 features 1 MHz Gain-Bandwidth product, low supply current (430µA typical), low input bias current as low as 45 nA, wide supply voltage range of +3V to +32V, and good stability with large capacitive loads.

The LM321 is available in the SOT23-5 package. Overall the LM321 is a low power, wide supply range performance op amp that can be designed into a wide range of applications at an economical price without sacrificing valuable board space.