A merged combination of bipolar and MOS technology gives these devices an interface flexibility beyond the reach of standard logic buffers and power driver arrays. The UCN5821A and UCN5821LW each have an eight-bit CMOS shift register and CMOS control circuitry, eight CMOS data latches, and eight bipolar current-sinking Darlington output drivers.

BiMOS II devices have much higher data-input rates than the original BiMOS circuits. With a 5 V logic supply, they will typically operate at better than 5 MHz. With a 12 V supply, significantly higher speeds are obtained. The CMOS inputs are compatible with standard CMOS and NMOS logic levels. TTL circuits may require the use of appropriate pull-up resistors. By using the serial data output, the drivers can be cascaded for interface applications requiring additional drive lines. The UCN5821A are furnished in a standard 16-pin plastic DIP.


Functional Block Diagram: